installation design

Our Subject: Dreams

We have chosen the subject of dreams because it fits with our aesthetic, is intellectually engaging, and relates to our desire to create a group/collective experience for the participants. Initial research into the subject of dreams has determined that although dream interpretation appears to be of a personal nature, the ways in which we experience dreams and the dreams themselves have common characteristics. Distortions in size, time and space and mutations in the laws of nature are often experienced in dreams. In addition to being an artistically fertile subject matter, it will also provide opportunities to explore concepts of time, memory, and cause and effect.


Our content is delivered as a story, which the users can affect. Our core concepts include: Cause-and-effect: What one user does affects the space for everybody. The environment reacts to the users interacting with it, within it. Human-computer interaction and human-human computer-mediated interaction: Our users will interact with the digital media via sensor technology. How does this ‘invisible' computer interface change a person's interaction with other people?

Specificity vs. Universality

Because the central character's dreams are symbolic imaginings of their waking life, and because this character serves as the first-person through which our users will interact with the environment,the character doesn't serve as the focus point of the piece. Rather, we hope that a transference will occur. By putting the users into a dream-like setting and allowing them to directly affect the dreams that they see, we want to evoke in the users a sense of their own dreams, rather than make a purely descriptive piece about another person.