MM -211C-01 Selective Topic:

Intermediate Flash - 1 Unit Class

Section 1



Students will learn advance tools in Flash 5 to create graphics, animation, and interactive projects [basic action scripting] for the Web and CD-ROMs.



Basic flash skills: animation, motion tween, shape morphing, guide layers, masks, work with scenes, link different scenes, rollover buttons, incorporate basic sounds, basic action scripting (On mouse events, Go to and play, Get URL).


Schedule: 9:00am to 4:10pm

Dates: Saturdays 04/13/02 to 5/11/02

Lecture: 9:00am to 10:30am (1.8 hr per class - Total: 9 hrs)

Laboratory: 11:00am to 4:10pm (5.4 hr per class - Total: 27 hrs)

Room: HH-116


Instructor: Prof. Marilenis Olivera




Attendance is mandatory: 10%

In-Class Projects: 30%

Final Project: 60%


Text Book recommended (not mandatory):

Macromedia Flash 5 -ADVANCED - Visual QuickStart Guide

For Windows and Machintosh

Author: Russell Chun



The syllabus describes the content of each weekly lecture (1.8 hr/wk). During laboratory time (5.4 hr/wk) students will work on in-class assignments designed to learn/practice the concepts presented in the lecture. During laboratory time students are allowed to work on the in-class assignments and the media elements they will use on their final project.


Week 1

     Introduction to the class: Syllabus / content / level-experience required for the class/ examples from previous class (level required)

     Exercises on advance skills building on previous class (required skills) / Advance animation features, tweening, etc [a. animated loops, b. multiple guided layers, c. shape tweening strategies, d. animating masks] Good exercise built on top of skills learned in the previous class.


Week 2

     Invisible buttons

     Movie Clips

     Action Scripting; variables, set property, target paths (relative, absolute), duplicate movie clips exercise.

     Lab time for in class exercises.


Week 3

     Action Scripting: conditionals, looping, load movies, pre-loaders, OnClipEvent, tell target.

     Lab time for in class exercises. Final project described.


Week 4

     More on Action Scripting. Final concepts.

     Advance 3D- Video Effects (if time permits).

     Lab time for final project


Week 5

     Lab time to work on final project

     Final Project Due at noon. Presentations start at 1:00pm.



NOTE: Final project is due last week of class at noon.


This syllabus is subject to modifications depending on the level of the class.


- The class starts at 9am and ends at 4:10pm. Attendance to the full class is mandatory.

- Feel free to ask any questions you might have related to the class subject.

- Final projects are due at noon- last day of class. If you are late, I will mark your final project down a letter grade, 10%.